Industrial Field Used Steel Warehouse

Industrial Field Used Steel Warehouse

Industrial Field Used Steel Warehouse includs the main structure( steel beam/girder, steel column/pillar), the secondary structure( roof and wall purlin, steel bracing, tie-bar, etc), door and windows, and other accessories.
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Description as below:

1. We have our own technical teams, so we can design, fabricate and install this steel structure workshop according to customers requirement. 

2. Its very easy to install the steel structure workshop in your there according to our installation drawings. Also, we will supply all technical support during installation and after-sale service. 

3. We have pretty good preservative treatment on this steel frame as follows, 
1). Clean the steel( reach to SA2.5 Grade, China Code), then we will spray paint: 2 layer epoxy zinc rich primer and 2 layer antirust paint( total thickness: 100-120um); Warranty period: 18-20 years under normal conditions. 

2). Hot-dipped galvanized, when the thickness of parts is less than 5mm, thickness of hot-dipped gal is more than 65um; When equal to or more than 5mm, that is more than 86um. Warranty period: 45-50 years under normal conditions. 

4. You can choose freely the roof and wall panel, included both types: 
A. Heat-Insulating material( EPS, Glass wool, Rockwool, PU, etc. )
They have different thickness(50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 200mm), density, color, type, etc. 
B. Single color corrugated steel sheet( Steel Material: Aluminum- Zinc sheet): 
They have different thickness( 0.3-0.7mm), color, type, etc. 

5. You can choose freely the material of door and windows( Aluminum alloy and PVC)

6. We also have so many accessories, for example, steel bracket, bolts, self-drilling screw, rivet, inter and outer cullis, rainspout, trimming sheet, glass cement, etc. You can buy them according to your exact requirement.