Steel Metal Frame Carport

Steel Metal Frame Carport

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Product Details

Product Description of Steel Metal Frame Carport

Steel metal frame carport has three primary roof styles including the economical regular roof with rounded eaves, a better boxed-eave design with traditional a-frame roof with horizontal metal roofing, or the best quality vertical style roof which is a-frame roof with vertical roofing. The vertical roof provides the best weather protection for your carport, and the added framing required to install the roof adds additional strength and durability to your carport.

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1.Regular Style Carport: Quality and affordability are two traits that describe the regular (rounded corner) carports . The regular style carport is the most affordable option we have available. This has helped to make it the most popular and affordable carport style with new shoppers.


2.Boxed Eave Style carport :The A-Frame carport is sometimes known as a 'boxed eve' carport. The more economical horizontal roof utilizes the strength of the metal roof panels in its industrial design. This reduces materials required for the structure.Boxed-eave roof style carports are well-designed and are durable steel structures intended for regions that don't get a lot of snow or heavy rains.

3.Vertical Roof Metal Carport:Vertical roof carports are the carport of choice. The recommended vertical roof is stronger. This is because it is constructed with additional hat channels in the rafters. Also, a vertical roof is built so the ribs of the roof panels run with the slope of the roof. Provides the highest resistance to wind and snow loads,natural gravity pulling load reduction easily sheds snow and water with ease.

Size as usual or customized:

Width (ft) Length (ft) Height (ft)
12' 21' 6',7',8',...... 10',11',12'.
18' 21' 6',7',8',...... 10',11',12'.
12' 26' 6',7',8',...... 10',11',12'.
18' 26' 6',7',8',...... 10',11',12'.
20' 21' 6',7',8',...... 10',11',12'.
12' 31' 6',7',8',...... 10',11',12'.
18' 31' 6',7',8',...... 10',11',12'.
20' 26' 6',7',8',...... 10',11',12'.
Size can be customized  
Characteristics galvanized steel structure,no fade anti-aging restless
2.Low cost and free maintenance, save your time
3.Fast assemble and easy installation,convenient fitting replacements
4.Art designs,n ice appearancem and Long using lifespan: up to 20 years.
5.Protect your car from snow and rain
6.Protect your car from spontaneous combustion and the release of toxic gases caused by high temperature in summer
7.Protect your car from damage caused by falling objects

Color of roof:Many kinds of colors can be chosen, also accept customized! Your carport colors are fully customized to your needs. Everything from Trim - Side Walls - End Walls - Ends Walls and more can all be painted to how you expect your building to look. For more options on colors feel free to contact us

Prefabricated Steel Square Tube Frame Lowes Price Metal Carports for Sale