Metal Building Homes

Metal Building Homes

Metal Building Homes is mainly made up of steel structure materials such as steel columns,steel beams, C purlins.It is easily installed and can be moved which improves the homes usability。
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Product Details

Product Description of Metal Building Homes

Max Width: 15000 mm;
Max height eaves: 3300 mm;
Max height per storey: 3300 mm;
Max storey's: 3;
Wall board: 75 or 100 mm EPS /PU sandwich panel or steel sheet;

Wall colour: White, Grey Blue etc.;
Roof board: 75 or 100 mm EPS/PU sandwich panels, or steel sheet;
Roof bearing load: 50 kg/m2;
Roof colour: Blue, Red Grey etc;
Gutters & down-pipes: PVC, plastic steel;
Fireproofing: B1 rating;
Ceiling: 12 mm fiberboard suspended ceiling, 5 mm PVC suspended in bathrooms;
Doors: PVC, Wood, Steel or Aluminium;
Windows: PVC or Aluminium;
Floors: PVC floor sheeting, tiles or carpets;
Bathroom: Shower (and bath), toilet, wash basin. Toilet roll- and towel holder, toilet brush;
Kitchen: Double basin, gas stove & hob;
Plumbing: Solar or gas water heater, all other internal plumbing included;
Electrical wiring: All internal wiring, connections and fittings included;
Applications: Labour housing, construction sites, emergency housing, granny flats, schools, clinics;
Optional extras: Fridge, microwave, TV, air conditioner, furniture, cladding.