Steel Structure Poultry House

Steel Structure Poultry House

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Poultry House

Main Structure Of Poultry House

Poultry house uses hot-dip galvanized C purlin,steel beam,column and steel tube truss as main steel frame  which can reduce sef-weight of design load. At the same time, hot-dipped galvanized surface treatment can widely improve anti-corrosion of the steel. (As we all knonw that the construction cycle of the steel structure work is short, which reduces the  project cost. The steel structure has strong shock resistance and can improve the comprehensive anti-seismic property of the whole house).
Steel-Structure-Confined-Poultry-Chicken-House-with-Equipment_副本.jpgSubstructure( Cold-formed thin-walled steel)
Roof purlin uses the hot-dip galvanized Z or C section. The way to continuous lap makes the steel frame as a whole. Wall purlin uses the hot-dip galvanized C section steel. All components adopt bolted connection, no welding, which makes the structure overall appearance smooth.

This style of poultry house are widly used for:

1) It's convenience and low-cost;
2) Light steel structure;
3) Easy to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage;
4) The steel structure adopts hot-DIP galvanized steel;
5) Taking 60m*12m for example, this size chicken farm house is for 10, 0000 broiler per flock, which takes 30-45 days or 6-7 flocks per year normally;
6) Shipping in 20-30 days from Order;

Broiler house, layer house, pig house, with the equipment. It is our honor to provide to you.
Meanwhile, we can design and manufacture the poultry house according to customer's requrement.
For the attention of chicken farm house, for full details, call us or send us inquiry letter to get your free estimate.