Poultry Farming House

Poultry Farming House

Product Description Cheap Poultry Farming Prefabricated Industrial Chicken House I.Production Description: 1).Chicken house composed of 2. )Environment control of poultry shed 1. Cooling pad system Evaporative cooling pad system works in the condition of negative pressure, the cooling pad is...

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Product Description of  Poultry Farming  House

Poultry Farm House are made of high grade painted steel frame/structure as strong skeleton and lined with sandwich panel as wall and roof, these are pre-designed and manufactured in the factory and later assembled on site. And the poultry house could be used at least 20 years.

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Advantages of low cost prefab steel poultry house
1. Reliable Structure: The light steel and the flexible structure are more reliable and safer, which can make it to meet the design criteria based on the construction requirements.
2. Assembly & Dismantling: Modular design can be assembled and dismantled with simple tools and multiple times.
3. Easy & Quick installation: One unit of 18sqm granny flat can be built up in four hours by two labors.
4. Flexible: The doors and windows can be fixed in random position. Interior partition can be arranged in any position on the transverse Direction.
5. Long service life: All the light steel construction has been painted or galvanized; it is highly resistant to corrosiveness. Could be used 10~15 years.
6. Eco-Friendly: Designed to suit stringent weather conditions and yet produce less debris when dismantled.
7. All the components of granny flat are modular manufactured in the factory. No need to cut or weld on site.
8. Standard technical data's: Wind load 100km/h, floor load 150kg/sq., roof load 30kg/sq., anti-seismic 7 degree.
9. No need of concrete floor, only flat ground will be ok for portable house. As it has steel chassis, safe solid floor.

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