What Measures Can Improve The Safety Of Multi-layer Steel Structure Plant?

- Sep 21, 2017-

Multi-storey steel structure factory building covers an area of small, the use of space is large etc, in recent years, are widely used in many enterprises, compared with the previous monolayer steel structure workshop, multi-storey steel structure building in security needs more attention and need to take more measures to improve its security.

The multi-layer steel structure plant needs to adopt earthquake resistant construction, and fire prevention measures are adopted. The specific measures are as follows:

1. What are the seismic structures of multi-layer steel structure buildings? Firstly, the connection of steel frame support can be connected by welding or high strength bolt. Multi-storey steel structure building between vertical pillar can effectively improve the workshop of the longitudinal seismic ability, multi-storey steel structure building horizontal support role is primarily to pass the earthquake and wind load, the control column calculating length and ensure the stability of the structure components are installed. When the horizontal stiffness of each frame is large and vertical and irregular, the floor level should be supported according to the requirements. In conclusion, the layout of multi-layer steel structure plant should be economical and reasonable. The arrangement of liang ge should adapt to the span. When the span of the beam is larger, its spacing should also increase. Make full use of the allowable span of the pavement and arrange the beam properly to obtain better economic effects.

2. Multilayer fire prevention measures of steel structure workshop, steel structure factory building as a building material in the fire god and there is some unavoidable defects, and its mechanical properties, such as the yield point, tensile resistance elastic modulus and so on all can fell sharply due to the rise of temperature, the steel structure often lose bearing capacity in the high temperature, large deformation, cause the steel columns, steel structure fire retardant coating bending beam, the results due to excessive deformation can't continue to use, generally do not add to protect the fire resistance of steel structure for 20 minutes or so, to make the steel material in practice to overcome the shortfalls, fire fire prevention must be carried out, its purpose is to increase the fire resistance of steel structure to design rules to limit range, rapid heating deformation occurred in the fire to prevent steel structure, its measures are varied, adopt different methods according to different situations, such as adopting thermal insulation, refractory cut off direct calcination steel structure, reduce the rate of heat transfer delay the temperature rising rate of steel structure, but whether the race to the method, its principle is consistent, different steel structure fire protection measures. Multi-storey steel structure building fire prevention measures of the commonly used with shielding layer, water filling, outsourcing, three kinds of different steel structure fire protection measures, do a good job in every measure, steel structure plant safety, quality, more good. Multi-storey steel structure building in case of fire, the fire is not in a short period of time can put out, this requests us in architectural design, and more fire protection in building material, in order to enhance its fireproof limit, and to formulate the necessary emergency plans within the building, in order to reduce casualties and property losses.