We Are Going To Attend The Exhibition Of INTERBUILD AFRICA 2018 In Johannesburg(2018.05.15-18)

- Jun 26, 2018-

(INTERBUILDAFRICA) it has been held for the 49 time and has been issued.

It has become one of the largest professional building materials exhibition in Africa.

We have obtained the professional certification of UFI. Concurrent master

The exhibition will include HVAC exhibition, sanitary ware pipe, building water treatment exhibition and glass.

The exhibition of glass and woodworking, attracting good scale and professionalism.

More than 20 countries in the world, nearly 300 outstanding enterprises in the construction industry.

Exhibition. During the exhibition, we gathered from England, Germany, Italy and West band.

Most of the exhibitors in dentition, India and Iran have decision-making.

During the exhibition, Chinese Embassy in South Africa, South Africa Trade Department, South Africa, Western Cape,

The provincial and provincial Zulu Economic Development Committee, South Africa Newcastle, Reddy Smith and Yi Xiao Wei government sent officials to visit the exhibition site.