The Steel Structure Plant Construction Industry To Form A High Quality Situation

- Sep 21, 2017-

With the deepening of the green building, energy conservation and emissions reduction, the application of steel structure workshop has been known, steel structure factory building are all made of high efficiency and energy saving wall, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect is good, can be up to 50% of the energy saving standards.

Section construction, building materials, building energy conservation, building water-saving, indoor environment five aspects are five advantages of steel structure workshop, in view of the steel structure workshop section below ground, energy saving and material saving three aspects to analyze. First section is to the advantage of the definition of construction land is in the building is completed on the basis of the use function of all can reduce the utilization of land resources, that is for certain land resources utilization of the building, steel structure factory building to get more use than the traditional housing area, such as room rate is higher, section to the obvious advantage, can improve the utilization rate of four percent. In terms of energy saving, mainly divides into two aspects: one is the construction of steel structure workshop is another daily use phase, the energy consumption of building construction phase is divided into three parts, respectively is: building materials production, building materials, transportation energy consumption, energy consumption construction energy consumption. Steel structure workshop is in these aspects, and has certain advantages, it is mass production of material production, so you can save the cost, in terms of transportation because it is more aspects of disassembling so also can save a lot of transportation costs in daily use phase, the life cycle of steel structure workshop is very long, can reach 100 years or so, it is the most important seismic and wind resistance, can resist level 9 typhoon 8 earthquake.

More than 30 super (annual output of more than 50000 tons) component quality of steel structure workshop, management science, go ahead in the industry, production has more than 300000 tons per year, manufacturing level has reached the international advanced level. A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises play their own strengths and form the high quality of the steel structure plant processing industry.