The Application Of Steel Structure Is Expanding, And The Market Space Is Pleased

- Sep 21, 2017-

In recent years, China's steel industry development by leaps and bounds, rising market demand mainly benefit from the application domain expands unceasingly, the steel structure is no longer limited to the industrial use in the construction field, step by step in the direction of commercial buildings, residential buildings. Traditional reinforced concrete buildings during construction of consume large amounts of resources, environmental damage, no longer apply resource conservation of modern society, will play the role of stepped back, and steel structure as a rising star, because of its unique advantages more and more accepted by people, but also get the most countries of the world's policy support, so it is in our country, in the policy to encourage and dual driven by market demand, market space is large, steel structure development prospects well.

Since 1949 in our country, the steel structure in large-span heavy industrial buildings, large public buildings and towering structures get the application, especially in the past 20 years, explosive expansion, steel structure application scope with the scientific research and design personnel to continuously explore and research, a new structure type, special-shaped frame column is one of them. In the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, steel structure has been applied in high-rise buildings, which has achieved better results.

At present our country's information industry, the aerospace industry, new energy, medical equipment, high-speed railway, such as processing and manufacturing industry is the rapid development, the rapid development of these industries, is bound to bring new development opportunities to the steel structure company. Especially the emerging industries have opened up new market for the steel structure industry in China. These emerging industries of steel structure workshop, steel structure commercial buildings have very strong dependent, for the steel structure industry has brought the huge market development space, as the industry's birth, growth, expansion, has been for our country's steel structure industry bring new market space, the new market space for further development of China's steel structure industry found the breakthrough point, in these markets, under the drive of the steel structure industry in China started a new journey, heading to a new height.