Steel Structure Will Face The New Development

- Dec 03, 2018-

Promotion of green building, opens up the development for the steel structures market application. It is not only the downstream construction industry, the China iron and steel association also in the positive research and plan joint related
industries and enterprises promote the steel structure building.

Steel StructurePromoting the apply of steel structure building
By implementing a factory production, modular installation, 57 layer of steel structures building can be capped in 19 days.building three layer in one day, the construction is the highest speed in the global scope can realize the steel energy saving
and indoor air automatic control.Compared with the traditional concrete structure, steel structures have light weight, strong vibration resistance, short construction period, energy conservation, environmental protection, and many other advantages.
Green building and housing industrialization is a important task of energy conservation and emissions reduction, in which steel structures are  one of feasible direction.
Under the current steel prices, the cost per square meter and the comprehensive effect of steel structure building has advantage to compete with other structures, the future of steel structure buildings will be has the very big promotion prospects.
Over more than ten layers of steel structure building, the amount of steel in 150 to 200kg kilograms per square metre “Steel structures can be recycled, such a large cubic construction in our country, in the future if do about a third or half of high-rise building with steel structure, will be of great strategic significance

In recent years, constantly promote the development and application of green building in China, the ground of policies will further standardize the market rules, the competition order of the green building industry, and drive the steel structures industry chain to realize the design and technical innovation.
In the various policy, steel market will gradually open space , new urbanization will also push for the domestic steel market and the development of the steel structure building