Now The Steel Structure Market Industry Changes

- Sep 21, 2017-

In view of the current market conditions, numerous steel structure enterprises constantly adjust their operating strategies so as to be able to survive in the volatile and complex market faster and maximize the benefits. Such as:
Production according to demand
The steel structure enterprise is based on the contract content with the owner to purchase and process the material, according to the design drawings confirmed by the owner. All steel components are customized according to the requirements of the project, which has the characteristics of diversity and single production.
Ii. Simplifying costs
General manufacturing enterprises only need to control the cost of production and materials, while the steel structure project contractor is a building constructed according to the drawings. The construction period is relatively long, the site is relatively scattered, the relative cost expense account is more complex, and each engineering project needs to be evaluated for the cost and expense. Under the promotion of market analysis, the simplified cost is the choice of many steel structure enterprises.
Tailor your clothes
Changeful market is one of the most difficult for steel structure enterprises. Due to the steel structure project is according to the characteristics of production orders, materials needed immediate purchase, processing, general steel structure enterprises do not set a large number of inventory, if time is relatively long and changing market prices of raw materials, the factory in different periods of the same material costs are constantly changing and price fluctuation is big, a lot of purchasing of materials to be decided according to the engineering, usually companies usually dealt with virtual library, there is no actual inventory in the warehouse; But for the purchase of standard parts (such as bolts, etc.), the official warehousing is handled and a certain inventory is stored in the warehouse.