Membrane Structure Engineering Provides A New Choice For Architecture

- Sep 21, 2017-

Membrane structure engineering provides a new alternatives to beyond the traditional construction mode, membrane structure change traditional building materials and the use of membrane material, membrane structure modelling freedom and lighter, flame retardant, make simple, quick, energy saving, easy installation, use safety, etc, so that it has been widely applied in different parts of the world, and its weight is only one over thirty of the traditional architecture, membrane structure engineering can fundamentally overcome the traditional structure in large span construction on implementation difficulties encountered, can create huge shining visual space.
Membrane structure in the sunlight, the membrane covering the buildings inside is full of natural diffuse light, without a strong contrast with smooth and shadow, tensioned membrane indoor visual environment of space open harmonious, tensioned membrane structures within the lights light up the night sky through the roof of the membrane, the shape of buildings that show a dreamy effect, tensioned membrane form especially suitable for large sports venues, entrance corridor, sketch, public entertainment plaza, exhibition hall, shopping center, etc.
Membrane structure modelling freedom, light, soft, full of strength, flame retardant, make simple, quick, energy saving, easy installation, use safety, etc, so that it has been widely used all over the world, tensioned membrane structure is especially suitable for used to build the roof of the city landmarks, such as sports and entertainment venues, needs to have the advertising effect of shops, restaurants, etc., of the city traffic hub is the key of urban lifeline of the construction, use function to various building component unit marked clearly.
Self-cleaning anti-fouling membrane structure is one of the best in all the architectural membrane material, but less flexible, construction more difficult, the cost is also very striking, improve the aging resistance of PVC itself, coating often join some light, heat stabilizers, light color transparent products should add a certain amount of uv absorber, tensioned membrane is to put the glass fiber fabric many times in the teflon melt quickly, make the fabric on both sides are teflon coating evenly and make permanent PTFE membrane was born.