Factors Affecting The Waterproof Quality Of Steel Structure

- Sep 21, 2017-

Factors affecting the waterproof quality of steel structure
According to the statistical table of quality problem and the characteristics of this project, the factors that affect the waterproof quality of metal roof are summarized as follows:
1 roof design radian is large, the lower curved arc position is 180 degrees, and the roof board is not perpendicular to the subpurline, and the position of the joint is weak. It can have a certain effect on waterproof quality.
2. In the handover position of the facade wall, the wall materials must be pieced together by several pieces of plate, which can cause accumulated errors. At the same time, it will bring some difficulty to the exterior wall construction.
3. The joint is spaced one meter apart, which can cause uneven thickness of the plate and uneven force. It can cause water leakage due to deformation.
The design length of the four gutter is about 120 meters, but the structural design has no slope in the direction of length. The section of the trench is too long, causing the water to be too small to produce water.
5. The Angle of the connecting piece is not vertical, which causes the gap between plate and plate to be too large, causing leakage
6. The pipe is welded with the gutter, because it is welded with stainless steel, the deformation is large, causing the local bulge to produce water.
7 metal roof board is 9 meters long, 430mm wide and 1mm thick. It is easy to produce deformation during construction, which can lead to fracture of joint and joint position of joint, and influence waterproof quality.
8. The workers are unskilled in the operation of electric locking, the operation method is not accurate, the edge is not tight, causing the hidden trouble.