What are the most technical problems in site construction of steel structure engineering?

- Sep 21, 2017-

When the steel structure works in the field, it is operated by the personnel and the machine, and sometimes the problem of not being noticed by the installation personnel or the technical grasp of the technology is not enough. There are several places where the most common problems can occur:

1. The anchor bolt of the anchor bolt is different, and the column foot plane is not measured in advance. When it is buried, it is shifted in advance and the column deviation is formed.

2. When the steel column was installed in violation of the operating rules, the steel columns were single upright, and the same day could not form a solid frame unit, which caused the collapse. Such safety accidents occur many times and should be avoided. After the steel column and beam are installed, the vertical and high differential gasket should be adjusted as soon as possible, then seal the column foot and the secondary grouting compaction.

3. Steel components are not installed in the order of construction. When installing the component, it should be carried out strictly according to the installation process sequence. The same day should form a solid frame unit. When it cannot be formed, the cable should be fixed to prevent the occurrence of collapse.

4. Don't pay attention to detail problems such as bolt mounting: install high-strength bolts, and many of the following problems occur: lack of teeth, even lower than the nut; The bolt is not tightened, the torsional shear type unscrewed the plum blossom head, the big hexagonal has not the first twist to turn the mark; The protective paper on the friction surface of the installation is not torn off. High strength bolts for temporary fixation, unpainted within 48 hours after installation; Without torque and axial force retry, the fastening moment is not calculated according to the regulation; The friction coefficient test is not in place, and the correct installation method is: the high strength bolt is to have the good torque coefficient and the retest of the fastening shaft force, respectively, to make the anti-slip coefficient of the friction surface of the installation and installation respectively. Install high strength bolts to control the construction torque, the length of the teeth is 2-3, and the high strength bolts are not allowed to be used as temporary fixed bolts. The high-strength bolts must be completed within 48 hours.

5. The welding place is too rough: site weld is generally not in place. If the weld gap between the rigid connection is too small, it will not be soldered. The packing plate specifications do not meet the requirements, and even replace with steel bars; Weld formation is not good, uneven, wide and narrow, flying, welding tumor not clear, the bite of meat, stomata more; The arc end of the arc is not added to the arc extinguishing slabs, depressions and so on.

6. The wall of the wall shall not be closed, and the "nostril" shall not be blocked, which will affect the leakage and beauty of the rainwater.
The site construction of steel structure has infiltrated the uncertain factors: if the weather is not good, the wind is also the installation process and the quality. Improper handling of hoisting machinery; There will be a great deal of engineering quality and safety problems.