The application of steel structure building

- Apr 18, 2018-

The Application and Development of Steel Structure

Abstract: As the rapidly economic development and urbanization proceeding, the construction industry is towards to high-end direction development. In high-rise buildings, the advantage of steel structure is obvious, and owns considerable economic and social benefits. This paper analysis the application and development trend of steel structure.

Keywords: Steel Structure. Building

1. Introduction

It has been more than 100 years since steel structure born in this world. As early as 19 century, the high-rise building in Chicago has applied steel structure. Since in 1960s, America began to design and construct the high-rise steel structure that more than 80 floors. By the turn of the century, the propositions of steel frame residences have reached more than 50% in the USA housing market. For our country, as urbanization continuous development, residential has also become industrialization, therefore, it more easily applies steel structure. It can be seen that encouraging the development steel construction actively has become the only way to develop the construction industry in our country. Steel structure owns high strength and applies in civil engineering construction very common, thus, it has a very broad space for development.

2. the application of steel structure

More than 30 years, the modern building materials by using steel, glass, membrane materials and the corresponding structure, construction technology and construction process of building up the steel structure building, completely changed the previous architecture model, idea and method of architectural design will change. Today, technology integration and sustainable development concept has win support among the people, by the steel structure technology as the basic means, focus on the material characteristics and technical performance of the architectural creation tendency has become the trend of the times. Steel is a high strength, high performance materials with very high value, recycling, scrap has value. Seismic performance of steel structure, flexible use, construction is not consume wood, steel template and water mass, also won’t produce strong noise and air pollution.

Compare with other structure of concrete, steel structure having the advantages of high bearing capacity, ductility and seismic performance, material saving and convenient construction characteristics. For high-rise building, these characteristics are particularly prominent, China in this field has been in a leading position.

3. the development of steel structure in China

Compared with foreign countries, the development of steel structure building in China is relatively backward, in China’s steel production has ranked first in the world, steel structure building basic conditions mature premise, steel structure technology has not been effective promotion, are worth meditative. At present, the architectural design industry in our country is generally insufficient, understanding of steel structure construction idea is backward.

The introduction of light steel construction in eighty coastal areas, the domestic steel structure workshop, games will be a large number of steel structure of gymnasium construction, as well as many high-rise steel structure building is built the first climax of development of China’s steel structure. But in 1994, more than 100 meters high Chinese high-rise buildings 152buildings, of which only 9 buildings with steel structure or steel and concrete structure, while in a foreign country with such high buildings are generally preferred for steel structure. China’s annual construction steel quantity only 1% were used for prefabricated steel structure, compared with the developed countries more than 80% of amount, hung gap. Fortunately, the current development of China’s steel structure building appeared prosperity never. Mainly in the:

High-rise and super high-rise buildings by Chinese and foreign cooperation to domestic start. China’s famous high-rise buildings are mostly is the result of cooperation between China and foreign countries, such as Shanghai Jinmao Tower, world financial center, Shenzhen imperial estate building, Beijing Jing-Guang center. Sino-foreign cooperative design for mastering foreign advanced technology and talent training exercise plays a promoting role. Built in 1998, Dalian Ocean Building (201m, 51) marked the domestic steel structure high-rise building started, built in 1999, Shenzhen SEG Plaza (291.6m, 72) is the world’s highest building steel pipe concrete structure.

China’s steel structure construction has reached a certain level, but in the aspects of material, process design method compared with the developed countries still exist many gaps, is still blank in some areas, such as large span and space structure.

4. Conclusion

Lightweight steel structure is widely used in large span single building, in the future it will be applied in a large area of residential and small multi-store public buildings. According to statistics, a few years after twentieth century, China’s urban housing construction to completed each year an area of 44 million square meters, the total output value of 60 billion yuan (about GDP 9%) speed rapid development. Steel structure residential building system with its structural components, prefabricated light high degree, to facilitate the implementation of standardized, standardized design, construction machinery, fittings manufacturing factory, short construction period and other advantages, show its wide application and development prospect in the building materials market, was one of the main system to replace the existing small brick residential, small and medium construction is a large volume, the development of light steel structure for resources, energy shortage in China is still of great significance.


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