Stiffness problem of high rise steel structure

- May 08, 2018-

The steel structure with structural rigidity and quality problem is of high strength and light quality, which is an advantage in conventional architecture. 

But in some structures, this can be a weakness. Steel than the density of concrete, steel is light but why say, because of high strength steel, under the same load conditions, steel demand is little, overall quality will be lighter than concrete. This is a great advantage of steel structure. Meanwhile, due to the lack of steel structure, the problem of insufficient rigidity can be caused. And it's not necessarily a good thing to have a low quality in power problems. The high - rise high - rise anti - wind shock is a big problem, the anti - wind shock resistance is not the strength problem, but the rigidity problem. In the case of strong wind, it is not afraid that the buildings will fall, but the shaking is too big, or rather the acceleration of the shaking is too big. 

Imagine a building that has been shaking all the time. Do you dare to live? A building that doesn't function properly is a ticking time bomb. It is difficult to exert the strength advantage at this time. Although the stiffness problem can be dealt with by means of structure, the quality is too light, which can be a fatal problem. In the large span bridge, especially the suspension bridge, because the steel structure is too light, we even add the weight to the steel box to improve its dynamic characteristics. In the corresponding housing structure, steel structure and concrete core barrel are used to solve the stiffness problem. 

The Empire State Building, the twin towers, the sears tower is indeed a high-rise steel structure, but they are for a world record, they solve the key problems are high-level steel structure wind resistance, and they are too expensive, if used for housing. 

In addition, the dynamic problem should be noted that the dynamic problem is complex, the rigidity is not necessarily appropriate, the rigidity is not good, only the appropriate range is reasonable.