Steel Structure House

- May 29, 2018-

Abstract :During the 15 projects in China steel housing is will focus on the promotion of its high strength, structure, small size, light weight, construction speed, seismic performance and the characteristics of a high degree of industrialization. This paper describes the development of steel housing situation and its characteristics, then the future development of residential steel analysis and outlook.

Key words: steel steel housing development prospects

A steel construction and steel residential status

1.1 Development of steel building

Since the reform and opening up, China's steel production has been greatly improved, especially after 1997, China's steel production exceeded 100 million tons, but China's steel steel ratio of total steel production is only about 3% , and in the amount of steel in the steel, construction steel structure steel volume is only 10% of steel production in China as a great power status is not commensurate, this, the State Economic and Trade Commission in conjunction with the Ministry of Metallurgy has developed in promote the use of steel construction in a series of policy measures to encourage the use of steel form construction, steel structure in 2010 for the amount to 6% of the total steel output.

B residential Steel structure compared to traditional advantages of home 2.1 The advantages of steel residential structure

2.1.1 The layout features a reasonable interval to

Using the characteristics of high strength steel, the design layout of large bays can be used to separate the construction plane to a reasonable, flexible and easy to create an open house. The traditional structure (brick, concrete structure) because of material property limits the spatial arrangement of the free, if the bay is too large, will result in thickness, high beam, column major, a "fat fat beam column", not only affect the appearance and weight increase, increased costs, home buyers in the secondary decoration, the frequent changes in the wall as their own position and increase risks. 2.1.2 Steel high utilization rate of residential space

In the space usage on a small section steel, and construction of reinforced concrete structures can increase the effective area compared to 8%. In the architectural style, the steel structure also is more flexible and rich in indoor spaces can be divided over the program to meet the needs of different users.

2.1.3 light weight, good seismic performance

Building floor area of the same building, steel structure, light weight, according to comparison, six light weight steel structure house, brick house is only equivalent to the weight of four. And steel, ductile, better able to consume the energy of the earthquake, the seismic performance, structural safety is high.

2.2 The economic advantages of residential steel

2.2.1 Construction, short time limit

Steel structures, factory production can be implemented, on-site installation. Because a small amount of field operations, the surrounding environmental pollution at the same time, construction of the high degree of mechanization, speed up the 

construction pace. According to statistics, the same area of the building, steel structure, concrete structure construction period can be shortened more than 1 / 3, and can save formwork materials.

2.2.2 Integrated low cost

As the light weight, lower cost basis, the overall material reduction in direct costs, short construction period, and reduce indirect costs, so an integrated low cost.

2.2.3 meet the housing industry and the requirements of sustainable development

Steel suitable for mass production factories, the high degree of industrialization, and is able energy saving, waterproof, heat insulation, doors, windows and other advanced product set in one, complete applications, will design, manufacture, construction and integration, improve the housing industry level.In addition, steel scrap would be achieved in 100% of waste recycled, so called "steel building" as a "green building" is not too much, it is to adapt our strategy of sustainable human development of new architectural forms.

C steel residential development resistance (neck bottle) analysis

3.1 Social acceptance

Steel housing is the major problem facing the development of society as a whole to accept the new housing system needs a process. Light steel housing system is in a foreign country, especially in North America timber structure Jichu developed on which two kinds of system, while in foreign countries has been very matured and improved, but for our country is totally a new thing, Yinergezhong difficulties almost everywhere. As Chinese consumers have long used to the brick or reinforced concrete structure house, slowly began to receive progressively from light steel structure like residential, also requires a gradual process.

3.2 rise steel technologies are not mature

Complete steel structure system of residential technology, the past lack of technical guidance, market demand did not meet the level of industry, Thus, our functional single-related products, low level of industrialization, product quality can not meet the requirements of domestic industry Hua standards. Currently, the technology rather than fragmented systems, varying skill levels and standards, not complete, but needs further research and innovation and integration.In addition, building materials and parts, the current pilot project will require the construction of light steel structure in many materials shipped from abroad, and even some foreign investors in mainland China, commissioned by the processing of parts, often can only go abroad to purchase, in the domestic market Can not find a time. This also restricts the development and promotion of domestic steel.

3.3 Lack of professional and technical personnel

In terms of personnel, the domestic secondary or higher professional schools, regardless of the teaching contents are less involved in light steel structure house, so my architectural professional engineers know little about this system, but more the lack of a skilled workers, so although the system is not purely a technical level, how much difficulty, but the real lack of effective implementation of them is often the backbone.

3.4 Cost issues

Light steel structure housing the current offer in the mainland of China is about the traditional concrete structure with conditions 1.5 times residential, domestic consumers in the near term unacceptable. However, this price structure in foreign countries other than 

the cost of housing is, it is highly competitive, which is why the light steel structure house abroad, the reason can flourish. Any new technology and the emergence and development of both technical and economic context in which society is linked, adapt, and now the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed countries and regions, China's per capita GDP of about 40 to 50 times, labor cost is about for our 20 to 30 times, therefore,Meet the industrial production of light steel structure house than in developed countries more easily accepted by the market in China. In China, the development in technology and low productivity, low labor costs, despite the light steel structure residential high performance and comfort, but for the traditional forms of residential building competitive advantage Fandao visibility. Therefore market acceptance up slow.

3.5 lack of targeted domestic norms and the corresponding standard steel

Our standards are widely used for decades prepared the structural system, light steel structure house had a technical gap in China, so China can not meet certain provisions of the existing mandatory standard. For example, the construction of buildings in China after the founding of masonry and reinforced concrete multi-use properties such as good fire-resistant construction materials, which led to China's "architectural design code for fire protection" in the material selection appears to be more foreign harsh, light steel structure housing can not meet their requirements . This specification does not converge with the domestic situation, so that light steel structure residential projects both in Gongchengbaojian phase or stage of the project is completed,

Will encounter countless obstacles and troubles.

3.6 defects steel housing itself

Fireproof poor. After the fire resistance of steel structure fire treatment time is only 2 to 3 hours, far less than that of reinforced concrete masonry and construction materials such as good fire resistance.

3.7 The lack of suitable construction management

In the construction management aspects, China's current building management mode and light steel structure housing this industrialization Shengchan methods are not adapt to China's accession to WTO since many foreign domestic manufacturers were seeking to enter the China market, but they did not know that their Laidao China What qualifications should apply for after, are in what capacity - Design unit? Construction unit? Integrators? Or the manufacturer?

D Prospect Steel Residential

Calculated according to the lowest level in developed countries, China's steel capacity at least 36 million tons of steel for development. In the near future, the state will develop steel construction, steel structure of steel per year and strive to account for the national steel output more than 3% average annual steel consumption of 3.5 to 4 million tons; to 2015, we will go double the national construction of steel structure steel accounted for more than 6% of the total output of steel, we can see, steel housing market prospects are bright.

4.1 for construction of special steel will continue to emerge

As China's iron and steel smelting technology to improve, to meet the market demand for special steel used in construction will continue to emerge, such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel companies such as the successful development of fire-resistant weathering 

steel, it is through appropriate technology to steel containing specific components (such as the Mo, etc.), so that the apparent steel structure and microstructure changes, so that steel itself generate the necessary fire resistance and weather resistance. The emergence of a variety of new construction steel will vigorously promote the development of steel structure house.

4.2 The State will focus on supporting the construction of light steel structure house Light steel structure residential construction in China just involvement, China is now a steel-producing countries, annual output more than 300 million tons, steel residential development has great potential. 90's of last century, the State Ministry of Construction and the State Economic and Trade Commission unanimously adopted the "universal system of light steel structure residential building development and application" as the breakthrough point of the steel construction industry in China, and officially listed as national key technical innovation projects. The initiative for the development of China's steel foundation. Now, because the state's macro-control function, housing an unprecedented downturn in the timing of introduction of steel housing,The advantages of using steel housing to attract public attention, stimulating consumption and increasing the purchasing power of the market, with a multiplier effect. The development of light steel structure house now great time.

4.3 Steel residential construction will continue to develop technology

With the development of steel construction, steel residential construction technology will surely continue to mature, a lot of new material for steel structure housing will continue to emerge at the same time, steel industry, building codes, building standards will be followed Zhu Jian perfect. I believe in the near future, the steel structure is bound to the housing industry and residential construction industry has brought a deeper revolution. 4.4 rise steel is the only way for China's housing industry

Housing industry is the only way for China's housing industry, which will be promoting the economic development of new growth. Steel housing is easy to implement industrial production, standardized production, but with the wall material can be matched with energy saving, environmental protection, new materials, which are green environmental protection building, renewable re-use, consistent with sustainable development strategies, therefore Complete steel structure system technology research house will greatly facilitate the rapid development of housing industry, a direct impact on the development level of China's housing industry and the future.

E Conclusion

If the structure of the development of reinforced concrete construction from the hand into a mechanized, then the application of steel structure will allow residential construction on modernization, construction steel structure housing will be an important indicator of modernization."Steel is a green house, steel structure consistent with the concept of sustainable development" - the 21st century will be occupied by a vast steel construction market. Vigorously promoted in our current era of housing industry background, the steel system will become the mainstream of housing structure system.