Preparation of light steel structure installation process

- Sep 21, 2017-

1. Check and acceptance of anchor bolts
Members mobilization, assembling data inspection and acceptance, lifting components in place, temporary fixed, measurement calibration, repetition measurement test, the high strength bolt connection welding, inspection, repair paint, completion acceptance, repair welding field supply plan. Because the construction work face is longer, the construction site area is bigger. For this reason, the entry and hoisting week and day plan of the components shall be carefully formulated, and the components shall be entered into the daily plan, and the number and number of each item shall be exact. Every day the component that comes into the entry must meet the daily hoisting plan and the matching, the site needs to guarantee the amount of the components in three days.
According to the on-site hoisting schedule, inform the production factory a week in advance, so that the production plant can master the time of the installation of the required components at the site. At least two days prior to the planned change, the factory should be informed that the factory should strictly take the component entry plan required for the on-site hoisting schedule and deliver the components to the designated spot on time.

2. Component entry inspection
After close inspection of steel members mobilization group according to the bills of lading to check to the component number and serial number whether conform to, found the problem in a timely manner on the receipt shows that feedback manufactory, in order to replace a filling component. Check the quality of the components according to the design drawings, specifications and quality inspection reports of the factory, and check the records. In order to make the unqualified components to be modified in time in the factory, ensure the construction progress, also can go directly to the factory inspection. The main inspection component dimensions, the size and spacing of the holes and the location of the embedded parts. Check use of qualified gage, uniform scale. Fabrication of components that exceed the standard deviation and transport deformation must be repaired before installation and reduced overhead.

3. Arrangement and cleaning of steel components
According to the installation flow sequence, the supporting components are transported to the site, and the car crane is used to stack it to the location near the installation site. The steel components should be piled up evenly and laid flat, so that the components should not be more than three floors in order to prevent the pressure deformation of the components. The components must be used to remove rust, dirt, etc.

4. Ground foot bolt embedded and cylindrical support surface treatment
The accuracy of the bolt embedded in the ground directly affects the installation and structure of the steel column, which must be highly regarded. After the concrete has reached a certain strength, the column is positioned on the preburied plate to locate the cross axis and determine the elevation of the surface. Check the test and clean the thread and mark the base bolt in the actual post center position. The center of the bottom of the column extends to the edge position of the plate, so that the two can be installed in the heart.