Notice of construction site of steel structure plant

- Sep 21, 2017-

1. The shape of the building should be as simple as possible, such as the ratio of the rectangular site to the width of the site to the ratio of 1.1-1. The topography is applied to workshop layout, transportation contact and site drainage. Generally, the natural terrain slope of the workshop is not greater than 5 ‰, the hilly slope is not more than 40 ‰, and the mountain construction factory is not more than 60 ‰.
2, should develop the earthquake fault avoidance and the basic intensity is higher than the 9 degree seismic area, debris flow, landslide, sand flow, the harm such as caves area, as well as the thick tertiary weight of collapsible loess, newly accumulation geological bad, such as loess, expansive soil area.
3. Avoid the mining area, the going-out area, the ancient well, the tomb, the crating-intensive areas.
4. The site area of the factory should meet the production process and transportation requirements, and reserve the expanded land.
5. The land used for production and the residential land of the employees shall be calculated according to the size and number of the factory and according to the quota set by the state, province and city.
6. Factories with waste materials and waste residues shall have the required area of storage waste and waste residue to meet the requirements of service years of the factory.
7. The construction land shall be considered according to the scale of the plant construction, the number of construction and the arrangement of the construction site.
8. Avoid the selection of steel structure plants in the construction of intensive, high-voltage transmission lines through the area to reduce the demolition.
9. When building a steel structure plant in a region with more basic intensity than seven high areas, it shall choose to build a plant in the soil distribution area that is favorable to the earthquake.
10. The plant site of the steel structure shall not be selected in the downstream of the reservoir which cannot ensure the safety and near the levee.
11. If there are any tombs or ancient buildings or relics on the ground, the relevant departments shall handle the opinions and agree to build the factory documents.
12. The bearing capacity of the steel structure plant construction land shall meet the requirements of the construction requirements and shall not be built blindly.

Regional climate
1. The southern region considers the adverse effects of high temperature, high humidity, cloud fog, wind sand and lightning area on the production of steel structure plant
2. The influence of the frozen line on the foundation of steel structure plant and the laying of underground pipelines is considered in the northern region