How to measure the line in the pre-installation of colorful steel plate activity room?

- Sep 21, 2017-

Before the installation of colorful steel plate activity room, the local line measurement should be carried out first. The specific methods are as follows:

First, we need to measure the roof along the slope length, size, and the eaves overhangs and the size of the gable overhangs, second should be based on mountain wall, draw the ridge axis, and with the center line length direction of expansion joints in the vertical line as the datum, in the construction of the baseline shall prevail to the gables direction to draw mark, mark the interval of 7.2 m, according to the direction of the whole roof uniform length direction measurement.

Second, the roof is a set of tiles for a set of 10 panels, with a drill of 13.5m for a drill, and the bolt is fixed. The top of the roof of the roof and the roof of the roof should be sealed with a self-adhesive seal. Roof choi steel touch each other to 10 cm, the length of the corresponding order, in the overlapping part of the color steel plate with rivets, rivet interval 50 mm, seams are sealed with sealant, and the pit forceps to fix manger.

Thirdly, the enclosure of the activity room should be installed after the wall and roof are laid, starting from the eaves to the roof of the roof. The pan water is installed above the flowing water from the downward direction of the slope water. It is connected with the pull rivet, and it should be sealed at the seam.