How to choose rock wool sandwich panel for steel structure correctly

- Oct 31, 2017-

1. outdoor should not use the expansion of grade a fire rock wool board

A intumescent fire prevention board at first for the wooden structure, due to the outdoor poor weatherability, easy aging and peeling, swelling reliability problems in damp, corrosive environment, as well as in the high temperature flame barbecue foaming process, the resin produced from the decomposition of smoke and toxic gases, due to the absence of special measures, in the tunnel, outdoor and people often stay inside the building, not to use a intumescent fire prevention board. Nuclear power, power, petrochemical and chemical industry projects should be mainly based on thick A-level fireproof rock wool board.

2. careful selection of thin coated steel structure class a fire prevention rock wool board, strictly control ultra-thin steel structure class a fire prevention rock wool board selection

Strict control of all steel structure buildings, especially steel columns, steel beams, steel floors and steel evacuation staircases in large public buildings. Steel column, steel slab, steel staircases etc. main building components should be the first choice of steel wire mesh concrete fire protection materials, there are difficulties, can be used in thick steel structure of a fire prevention board protection, careful selection of a thin steel structure fire prevention board, the strict control of ultrathin steel structure a fireproof rock wool board. High rise building steel structure and multi-storey steel structure workshop, should not use thin coating and ultra-thin steel structure class a fire prevention rock wool board.

3. select grade a fireproof rock wool board according to building site and fire resistance requirement

The hidden steel structure in the building, the appearance quality of the coating is not high, should try to use a thick steel structure, a fire retardant rock wool board. The exposed steel frame, steel truss and roof bearing structure, when the fire resistance limit specification requirements in less than 1.5 hours, can choose a ultrathin steel structure fire prevention board, fire resistance requirements of more than 2h, should choose thick steel structure a fireproof rock wool board.

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