A brief introduction to the construction methods of residential buildings

- Sep 21, 2017-

Along with the development of energy-efficient construction measures, the implementation of the market to the promotion of residential steel structure house full of expectation, steel structure residential building is getting closer and closer to our life, relative industrial buildings, residential steel structure buildings on the structure design of the layout should be pay more attention to the following:

1. Basic layout: independent foundation, strip foundation and cross foundation of steel structure building foundation, and sometimes a raft foundation can be used. The influence of relative inhomogeneous settlement on the superstructure should be paid attention to the independent foundation of the column. Commonly used foundation beams of cast-in-place or precast reinforced concrete structures, sometimes also can use the base steel beam according to the requirement, but usually will be buried in the ground concrete column foot and steel beam under outsourcing, to solve the corrosion problem.

2. Layout structure: the building is the most important structural point in the steel structure building, and the floor slab of steel structure building must have sufficient bearing capacity, rigidity and integrity. At present, it is commonly used to lay the steel plate on the steel girder, and then pour 100 ~ 150mm steel reinforced concrete slab, namely, the composite floor slab of the pressure type steel plate, and the bolt connection between the pressure type steel plate and the steel beam. In addition, the prestressed thin-slab concrete cast-in-place or general reinforced concrete floor shall be used for ensuring reliable connection between the floor and girder. The combination of steel beam and floor slab can be considered in the design, which can significantly improve the bearing capacity and overall stability of the beam, and effectively reduce the beam height. Girder and secondary beam connection for simply supported contour connection, sometimes also made high connection, such as using pressed steel composite floor slab, to facilitate laid pressed steel plate, primary and secondary beam top surface profiling steel plate thickness difference, at the same time also can increase net building height.

3. Wall layout: in order to reduce the self-weight of steel structure buildings, the enclosure structure is mostly made of lightweight materials. Exterior wall more use of lightweight filler material, such as hollow block, aerated concrete, etc., sometimes can be used with steel sheet of lightweight insulation composite wall, also has a lot of beautiful building exterior wall with light glass curtain wall structure. Inside partition wall can adopt hollow block, add gas concrete to wait for light qualitative fill wall or light steel keel plasterboard, also have use aluminium alloy frame glass partition at present.

4. Fire prevention and anti-corrosion measures: the steel structure of our country mainly adopts fire retardant coating, foaming fire retardant paint and outsourcing fire protection layer. For exposed steel structure member, such as stair and other multi-purpose paint and paint, use 10 ~ 40mm thick coating, fire resistance limit can reach 1.5 ~ 3h, and the fire resistance time of foaming lacquer is 0.5h commonly. For the hidden components, the perlite and vermiculite fireproof spraying or fire prevention board are economical and effective methods. The spraying of 30 ~ 40mm thick can realize the fire resistance of 1.5h, and has certain anti-corrosion ability. The exposed steel components generally use corrosion resistant paint or paint anticorrosion, which is composed of primer and surface paint. Currently, anti-corrosion coatings are valid for 10 to 20 years, so brush them regularly. Galvanized profiling steel plate itself has certain corrosion resistance, when used in floor anticorrosion problems can be solved with the aid of fire-retardant coating, but even when used in roof and metope of coated with organic coating, increase its durable fixed number of year.

5. Node structure: the steel structure building column adopts welder shape or box section. Due to the thin section of the web, the connection between the weak axis and the beam is rehinged, and the axial direction is adopted. Sometimes semi-rigid connection can be used, but its stress characteristics are more complicated, and it is often used to obtain accurate design data. At the same time, the components of multi-storey building steel structure are relatively thin and should be avoided. In order to strengthen the overall stiffness of the structure, the secondary beam can be used as a continuous beam.

The buildings of residential section steel structure should be different from the industrial steel structure in the design layout. With the progress of the society and the improvement of humanistic culture, the demand for fireproofing and aseismic resistance of residential buildings is becoming higher and higher. The steel structure enterprise should accompany the progress of The Times, vigorously develop the high-tech, the new idea, the residence fine steel structure house.